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4 Cu. Ft. Undercounter Built-in Or Freestanding Solid Door Freezer

4 Cu. Ft. Undercounter Built-in Or Freestanding Solid Door Freezer

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K2 Scientific’s low-profile under-counter freezer is ideal for small medical practices, pharmacies, and labs where space is limited. The freezers are perfect for storing vaccines and can be used as standalone units or stacked to save space.

  • Three shelves adjustable by 1” increments
  • Stackable with 2.5 and 4-cubic-foot refrigerators and freezers
  • Magnetically sealed door with rapid cool-down mode after door opening
  • Exterior switch-activated interior LED lighting
  • Energy Star High-Performance Rated
  • Warranty: two-year parts, labor, or full replacement

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Model# K204SDF
Storage Volume 4 cu ft
Performance Characteristics
Exterior (D x W x H) 22.5" x 23.75" x 31.8"
Interior (D x W x H) 15.5" x 19.5" x 23”
Insulation CFC-free, high density insulation
Doors 1
Access Port 0.5” Probe port
Leveling Legs Standard
Unit Weight 118 lbs
Certifications & Compliances cULus, ISO 9001:2015, Energy Star, CDC and VFC Compliant, EPA and SNAP compliant
Energy Consumption (KWhr/day)* 0.97
Adjustable Set Point Range -10°C to -30°C
Factory Set Point -20°C
Electrical Power/ Current 120v 60 Hz 15 Amp
Power Plug/Cord Length NEMA 5-15 / 10ft cord
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor use only
Application Environment Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive
Ambient Operating Temp. (°C) 20°C to 32°C

The Crucial Role of Medical Freezers in Healthcare

The medical freezer is a cornerstone of modern healthcare, far surpassing the role of a standard freezer. Its primary function is to store and preserve a wide range of medical supplies, including vaccines, blood products, and various pharmaceuticals, at optimal temperatures. The importance of maintaining precise temperature control cannot be overstated, as even minor deviations can compromise the efficacy of these critical materials.

Medical freezers come in various sizes and specifications, tailored to the diverse needs of healthcare facilities. They feature advanced cooling systems, uniform temperature distribution, and often have alarms and monitoring systems to ensure consistent conditions. These features are vital in scenarios like vaccine storage, where specific temperature ranges are mandatory for maintaining their effectiveness.

Moreover, these freezers play a significant role in research and laboratory settings. They store biological samples and reagents, ensuring that these sensitive materials remain viable for experimentation and analysis.

The adoption of medical-grade freezers is not just a compliance issue with health standards; it is a commitment to patient safety and the integrity of medical treatments. As the medical field continues to advance, the demand for more sophisticated and reliable medical refrigeration solutions grows, underscoring their indispensable role in healthcare's ever-evolving landscape.