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K2 Scientific supplies some of the top companies and organizations in the country

Highly Certified Products

Compliant with EPA and SNAP HFC-FREE Refrigerant Regulations

By maintaining the highest standards, we prove our commitment to producing
quality products our customers can rely on.





K2 Scientific medical refrigerators and lab freezers are covered by an industry-leading 2-year warranty. If your unit fails mechanically, we will repair it or replace it.

(Replacement time subject to product availability.)



confidence guarantee

K2 Scientific customers can feel confident they have the best value for the price. We will match or beat the price on comparable products.

(Comparable products must match or beat k2 product specs, manufacturing standards, and performance.)





All K2 Scientific medical refrigerators and lab freezers orders ship within 24 hours.

(24 hour shipment time on in-stock units. Subject to product availablity.)


Understanding the Various Temperature Requirements for the Covid-19 Vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer
Understanding the Various Temperature Requirements for the Covid-19 Vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer

Jun 9th 2021

Best Cold Storage Practices for Monoclonal Antibodies
Best Cold Storage Practices for Monoclonal Antibodies

May 19th 2021

Condenser Cleaning - Medical Refrigerators and Freezers
Condenser Cleaning - Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

May 3rd 2021

Vaccine Refrigerators / Medical Refrigerators and Lab Freezers

K2 Scientific is leading the industry in value-priced, high-performance, medical-grade refrigeration. We’re changing the way hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies buy cold storage by simplifying the process and offering convenient, online purchasing. K2 leverages dedicated cold storage manufacturing relationships to provide performance and reliability while reducing costs. K2 operates out of its Charlotte, North Carolina basecamp and is privately owned.

High Performance

The K2 Scientific High-performance Line is manufactured under the toughest standards and is both Energy Star and UL listed. K2’s selection of energy efficient medical refrigerators and lab freezers all have state of the art temperature control and stability required for CDC and VFC environments.

K2 Monoblock Technology

Unlike traditional medical/pharmaceutical/lab refrigerators, the entire cooling system of a K2 High-Performance Line unit is a one-piece, removable system installed on top of the refrigerator or freezer. In the event of a system failure, the K2 Monoblock can be easily replaced in 20 minutes or less. This could be critical when storing thousands of dollars of products.

Value Performance

K2 Scientific’s small capacity, undercounter, benchtop, upright vaccine refrigerators, medical refrigerators and lab freezers offer reliable, medical grade cold storage at value prices. All K2 Value Performance vaccine refrigerators and lab freezers come complete with features necessary for CDC and VFC compliant environments.

Ultra-Low Freezers

K2 offers three ultra-low freezer models with an optimal freezing temperature range of -50°C to -86°C. All ULT models feature space-saving, vacuum-sealed cabinet insulation designed to maximize space and cooling efficiency. K2’s Ultra Low Freezers are equipped with intelligent, adjustable controls, alarms and data logger ports that make them ideal for frozen vaccine storage where temperature monitoring is critical.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

K2’s Blood Bank Line combines high quality construction, cooling system and controls, with specifically-designed, easy glide shelving for years of reliable operation. Storing blood and blood components requires critical performance. K2 Blood Bank Units meet the highest compliance standards. They are classified as medical devices Class II(a) (EU), Class II (FDA) and are AABB standards-compliant.