Choosing the Right Vaccine Freezer for Your Lab

Choosing the Right Vaccine Freezer for Your Lab

Each laboratory has its own specific needs based on its purpose. Pharmacy labs are traditionally smaller; this is especially the case if they are located within a grocery or convenience store. On the contrary, laboratories in hospitals or clinics are much larger due to the high volume of patients they see daily. Scientific labs, such as those in universities or independent research facilities, are larger still. The size and type of equipment they require are related to these specifications.

Size Does Matter

Pharmacies are known for providing access to various medications, including vaccines. The potency of these vital drugs is usually connected to their base temperature, which requires constant monitoring to ensure they haven’t broken down and become ineffective. Most labs follow a three-step process: store the vaccines at the ideal temperature, record the temperature at the start of each work day, and check it whenever the refrigerator is accessed.

Since pharmacy lab space is usually limited since they hold many medications for their local patients, benchtop freezers are preferred. These medical-grade freezers (or medical refrigerators, depending on the vaccine and its optimal temperature) can keep the pharmacy’s vaccines safe without taking up too much room. Benchtop freezers are also ideal in labs that only have a few kinds of vaccines or medicines that need to be frozen, as opposed to stored at room temperature or refrigerated.

Bigger Is Better (for Bigger Projects)

Industrial laboratories have the luxury of massive open spaces, providing enough room for everyone to do their research comfortably. Their medical freezers or medical-grade refrigerators can offer up to (and potentially even beyond) 36 cubic feet of storage for whatever temperature-sensitive elements they’re working with. Benchtop freezers and under-counter lab refrigerators are fine if they meet your needs but can be limiting if you’re working on a large project and are confined to one cubic foot of reliable storage.

Look at your lab’s space, needs, and limitations, and find the right freezer or refrigerator for your lab today.

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