3 Things Every Medical Lab Needs

3 Things Every Medical Lab Needs

Are you among the over 330,000 medical laboratory scientists in the United States? Then, you are likely essential in ensuring vaccines are well taken care of and stored appropriately. Vaccines have saved countless lives as the world sees a decrease in various deadly diseases, such as measles, smallpox, tetanus, and more.

To effectively contribute to this field, ensure your medical lab is equipped with everything you need to do your job to the fullest. Check out three must-haves below.

Medical Freezers and Refrigerators

It was back in 1796 when Edward Jenner figured out how to take substances from one person infected with cowpox and inject them into another person's body, thus creating the first vaccine. Now, three centuries later, we can do this on a much larger scale with the help of proper storage techniques.

Vaccines need to be stored at an appropriate temperature range to ensure they remain effective, and this is where a medical refrigerator freezer is necessary. The CDC has specific guidelines for what vaccines should be stored. Frozen ones need to be between -58 and five degrees Fahrenheit, while refrigerated ones need to be kept at approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also essential to check your medical refrigerator freezer throughout the day to ensure everything is running normally. Should a medical fridge freezer become unplugged or a pharmaceutical refrigerator accidentally be left open, you will look at many problems, and the vaccines will likely need to be thrown out.

Practice caution, and keep a log near the unit to record every time you and your colleagues check the temperature. It is a practice that will pay off should something go wrong.

Protective Clothing

Lab coats and gloves are two examples of protective clothing that should be worn in a lab. Masks and goggles are essential, too. All of these things help to ensure you and the products you are working with stay safer and in good condition. Ask your supervisor about what your specific lab requires to ensure you always follow guidelines.

Appropriate Cleaning and Sanitization Supplies

Your lab should also have the appropriate products and cleaning tools to sanitize and organize your space. This might also include appropriate disposal areas and places to place needles. This guarantees a better work environment, and it keeps everything and everyone safer, as well.

We are Here to Help

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