K2 Scientific Warranty Terms and Conditions



The following Value Performance Line products carry a 2-year, replacement warranty:  K202, K204, K210, K220, K20345, K20745, K21145, K205ULT, K210ULT, K221ULT, All Combination Units, K20345-C, K20745-C, and K21145-C. We will first attempt to diagnose and repair the unit. If a repair is not feasible, we will send a replacement unit at no charge to the customer.



The following High-Performance Line products carry a 2-year, replacement warranty, with a 5-year compressor warranty: K212, K225, K249, K272 as well as all of our new, recently FDA approved, blood bank production line.  We will first attempt to diagnose and repair the unit. If a repair is not feasible, we will send a replacement unit at no charge to the customer. If the compressor fails, we will ship a new Monoblock compressor system at no charge.



K2 Scientific appliances also carry a two-year parts and labor limited warranty. This warranty period begins on the original delivery date and includes replacing parts, or the entire unit if necessary and in K2 Scientific’s sole discretion, when problems arise due to defective workmanship or materials. It is the buyer's responsibility to maintain the appliance according to the operations manual. Keeping records of such maintenance helps ensure warranty repair claims. Any failure to properly maintain any appliance voids this warranty. 



This warranty does not cover the following:  

  • Appliances without original identifying manufacturer serial numbers.  

  • Appliances sold via a third party as a “used” product, without original sales receipts and original packaging.  

  • Appliances shipped outside of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

  • Commercial product inventory includes but is not limited to vaccines, reagents, tissue samples, breast milk, blood, plasma, industrial products, food, or any other payload, due to any refrigerator or freezer failure. K2 is not responsible for the contents held in storage. 

  • Appliances used in residential settings.  

  • Bills of Lading signed without inspection of freight and notation of damage.  

  • Cosmetic damage caused by shipment or installation and not reported within 24 hours of delivery. The original packaging should be maintained until the unit is entirely accepted and cleared for service in the environment to ensure safe return shipping in the event of a failure. A replacement kit for return shipping will incur an additional charge if the packaging is not retained during the start-up phase of installation.  

  • Unauthorized service calls.  

  • Unauthorized modification to the unit. 

  • Damage occurring during installation after BOL (Bills of Lading) has an acceptance signature. 

  • Appliance failure due to an electrical surge.  

  • Unauthorized reseller purchases.  

  • Damages or loss due to Acts of God 



K2 Scientific shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damage, including but not limited to property damage and incidental expenses, resulting from any breach of this written limited warranty or any implied warranty. Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.  


If You Need Service  

Please request a service ticket via our online CHAT feature. Call (888) 229-1618, Please include your order number, model number, and appliance serial number to ensure prompt service.