Receipt of Goods Policy

We thoroughly inspect your unit before it ships. Freight damage occurs infrequently, but it does happen. Please help us protect your investment by receiving your new unit(s) with attention to detail? 
Failure to inspect and document damage at the time of delivery can leave you liable for return shipping and repair costs. We want to make sure that doesn't happen.  
Be sure you or the assigned receiving party inspects this unit thoroughly before the freight company departs. We cannot file claims for freight damage if you do not identify and note the bill of lading - BOL (delivery paperwork) and ensure the delivery driver accepts and signs.   
Things to look for and note on the BOL:

  • A broken pallet may mean your unit has been dropped and can cause internal damage.
  • Tilt meters indicate the unit has not remained upright in transit or has experienced a high degree of impact during transit.
  • Box crushing, holes, or tears in the outer packaging. 

You have the right to refuse all or part of your shipment based on the damage that will ultimately mean you want or need a replacement unit.  
Refusing delivery, while inconvenient, will speed the process of your new unit arriving. If you are unsure if you should accept the unit, please call K2 Scientific at (800) 218-7613, option 2, for assistance Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. You can also note the BOL that outer packaging is damaged, and you need to complete a full inspection. Remember, you must report any concealed damage within 48 business hours.  
Take photos of the damage, including packaging, and send a copy of the images and noted BOL to [email protected]. We will review and respond within 24 business hours.    
What if the carrier won't wait for me to inspect the freight?  Please note the bill of lading (BOL) with "driver refused to wait for inspection to be completed" and have them initial the BOL. You should then photograph any damage found and send the photos and any other description of malfunction to [email protected].
What if my unit looks okay but is not functioning correctly once plugged in?  Call (800) 218-7613, option 2, or engage with one of our technicians using our online chat feature.

What if I have warranty-related issues during the first 24 months of ownership?  Please contact your sales representative or our technical service department by chatting with us online at, or calling us at (800) 218-7613, option 2, and we will be happy to assist you in filing a warranty claim.  
Please have your order number, company name, and the Model/SKU number handy when requesting service. Providing this information will help us assist you faster.