Under-Counter Vaccine Refrigerators, Medical Refrigerators and Lab Freezers

When storing critical samples like vaccines and pharmaceuticals in an undercounter or benchtop vaccine refrigerator or lab freezer, you want ease of use and reliability. You need quick access to a unit that functions quietly and maintains stable temps. K2 Scientific under-counter and benchtop medical refrigerators, vaccine refrigerators and lab freezers are designed for heavy use in labs, clinics, pharmacies – anywhere performance and value are essential. We’ve built in leading cooling technology like programmable, microprocessor controls, durable compressor systems, extra wide magnetic door gaskets, and powerful cabinet fans to give you great performance at a great price. All K2 refrigerators come preprogrammed to operate at VFC, CDC compliant temps between 2°C and 8°C with a setpoint of 4°C. 

Increase your cold storage space today with under-counter freezers and refrigerators from K2 Scientific. Contact us with any questions or for an instant quote—we want to ensure your under-counter refrigerator or freezer purchase is suitable for your given application.