Medical and Lab Refrigerator and Freezer Combination Units

K2 under-counter medicine refrigerators and freezers are engineered to stack securely, giving you maximum flexibility and space savings. A popular combination is a K204GDR 4 cu. ft. glass door pharmaceutical refrigerator with a K204SDF 4 cu. ft. solid door freezer stacked on top. All K2 refrigerators come preprogrammed to operate at VFC, CDC  compliant temps between 2°C and 8°C with a set point of 4°C. K2 combination freezers operate at -10°C to -25°C with a set point of -20°C.

If you need a vaccine storage refrigerator and a separate refrigerator for other medicines and biologics, you can stack two K2 refrigerator models. When less storage is required, stack a K202SDF 2.5 cu. ft solid door freezer or a K202GDR or K202SDR glass/solid door refrigerator on top of a 4 cu. Ft. K2 lab/medical refrigerator.

For maximum combination storage it is possible to stack the bench top K202SDF, K202SDR and K202GDR on top of the upright 10 cu. Ft K210 medical refrigerators or freezer. There are numerous configurations to choose from. For help selecting the right units for your lab, medical office or pharmacy, please contact us.

K2 Value Performance units carry a 2-year full replacement warranty. Warranty details.

The K2 Stacking Kit installs on the feet of the stacked unit and adheres to the top of the bottom unit with secure, strong 3M adhesive. Installation only takes 5 minutes and is demonstrated in this 2-minute STACKING KIT VIDEO: