High Performance Chromatography Refrigerators

K2’s line of chromatography refrigerators works perfectly for storing premixed buffers, reagents, media, and various types of biosamples common to many research, clinical, and industrial applications. Chromatography refrigerators come standard with high-performing features such as user-friendly accessibility and stable temperature controls ranging from +1.32°C and, -1.34°C from the desired set point. Additionally, each chromatography features a 115v GFI internal outlet connecting easily to most U.S. laboratory power source. Equally important, K2 Scientific chromatography offerings highlight the use of environmentally friendly cold-storage and utilize natural refrigerants that are fully compliant with new EPA/SNAP/UL regulations.

K2 High-Performance medical-grade refrigerators and freezers carry a 2-year parts and labor warranty and a 5-year compressor warranty. Warranty details.