Where can I find product specifications and manuals?

Each product page offers links to unit spec sheets and manuals. You can also find product manuals, spec sheets, user videos, and other product information on our RESOURCES page.

Are your products Energy Star rated?

Our High Performance models carry the Energy Star certification.

Can I get a calibration certificate?

Our Value Performance Line does not come with calibration certificates. The best option is to calibrate the unit based on a third-party data logger or thermal recorder. Our High Performance line comes with a calibration certificate stating that the unit has been tested at the factory to meet specifications. This may be suitable for calibration certificate requirements. Most states will require a field calibration test.  K2 sells NSIT calibrated data loggers to help you accomplish your field test.  The certificates are valid on the data loggers for two years from date of purchase.

Are your units VFC compliant?

Yes. All K2 refrigerators and freezers are compliant with Vaccines For Children specifications.