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K2 Scientific – The Pinnacle of Cold Storage Solutions

What makes K2 different?

K2 takes the guesswork out of buying specialized cold storage solutions for your life science, healthcare, and research laboratory refrigeration and freezer needs.  Each of K2’s products are outfitted with the full functionality expected of a clinical and pharmaceutical grade refrigerator or freezer, at a price that’s best in class.

No need to waste time pouring over product manuals and individually selecting each feature necessary for a unique application, K2 products meet every standard for any need.  Designed and built by leading experts in the industry, K2’s extensive list of features come standard on every unit, and our quality engineering and controls ensure that a K2 product is the best solution for any use.

K2’s 10 cu. ft. upright, 4 cu. ft. undercounter, and 2 cu. ft. benchtop glass door refrigerators undergoing performance and quality testing

Built to the highest standard

Every K2 refrigerator and freezer comes with the functionality and features you need to ensure the highest standard of temperature control

  • Every K2 product features intelligent microprocessor controllers with adjustable temperature control, audible and visual high/low temperature alarms, magnetically sealed doors with door locks, remote alarm contacts, and temperature probe and data logger access ports.

K2 products feature best in class temperature stability – store vaccines and other biologics with confidence

Protect the climate and reduce your operating expenses with “green” environmentally friendly refrigerants, featured in all K2 units

  • All K2 products leverage refrigerants approved by the EPA and SNAP program, our units have undergone significant quality assurance testing and are UL listed leveraging these EPA SNAP approved refrigerants.
  • Buy with confidence that any K2 unit you purchase will be in compliance with EPA standards and future published schedules for many years to come.

Each K2 product is industry certified

  • Every K2 refrigerator and freezer is UL and cUL listed, built and shipped from ISO 9001:2008 facilities, and undergoes three quality control checks prior to shipping to our clients.

Rapid delivery with our Quick to Ship program – and it’s free!

Each K2 unit ships FREE within 24 hours from one of our distribution facilities to any location in the continental US.

FREE SHIPPING to any location in the lower 48 states, and all in-stock products ship within 24 hours!

Rest assured, if high demand causes us to not have your desired product in stock, we will personally work with you to ensure a timely solution.

No haggle warranty

Don’t hassle with the inconvenience of time-consuming and costly service repairs, a 2-year full replacement warranty is offered on all K2 products.  And because when a unit goes down, you need a replacement now, K2 will ship an equivalent or better unit within 24 hours.

Browse our products or contact us today and see what makes K2 the pinnacle of cold storage solutions.

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