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Helpful Features and Benefits of Biomedical Refrigerators

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Biomedical refrigerators play a vital role in the success of any hospital, pharmacy, or lab. The principle is simple: we’ll take care of your precious materials, so you can properly channel your expertise toward the future of medicine and science.

Biomedical refrigerators store incredibly vital samples of blood, biological reagents, vaccines, medicines, flammable chemicals, and DNA. Though the up-front cost of purchasing a medical refrigerator may be steep, this will prevent any expenses resulting from failed or inconsistent refrigeration—mistakes that can produce thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Additionally, our products are the most cost-effective options on the market, providing you with the innovation and sturdy construction of first-rate refrigeration at a reduced cost.

Important Features of Medical Refrigerators

Biomedical refrigerators are not one size fits all. Although every one of our medical refrigerators and freezers is unique, they all share common features that make them exceptional products perfect for any medical facility. If you don’t know where to start when choosing a medical refrigerator, consult our quick informative guide before making a decision.

Digital Display

The digital display provides you direct access to a number of your refrigerator’s key features. The most important daily function displayed is the interior cabinet temperature, which the refrigerator records via probes. There are an additional 4 control settings that dictate the output of the door switch. These settings allow you to regulate the mode of the fan and the light when the door is open or closed, and whether or not the defrosting process begins when the door is open or closed.

Temperature Regulations

While handling drugs that have a narrow acceptable temperature range, like vaccines, consistency in temperature regulations is key. The digital thermometers allow you to monitor the system without having to manually check the temperature. Our temperature technology ensures temperature consistency, ease of serviceability, and is able to bring the internal temperature down more quickly than non-medical units. The temperature can be set either to Fahrenheit or Celsius, with upper and lower value limits customized to your specific needs. Your medical refrigerator stays within 2 degrees of the set temperature point that you have manually entered. Should the temperature fluctuate beyond this range of values, an alarm will sound.

Microprocessor Controller

A microprocessor control system ultimately controls temperature and humidity, but also many internal and external functions including stages of reheat, cooling and humidification, and input power. The digital display shows controller functions and alarms as well as other instructions. It keeps track of the actual running hours of the cooling times and can also notify the operator when maintenance is due. Air temperature displays, adjustable temperature control, power failure, door ajar, and low battery alert you to any changes in your refrigerator’s systems.

Variable Cycle Defrost

Variable Cycle Defrost is the most effective way to keep the contents of your fridge from frosting over. Over time, if your defrosting settings are not up-to-date, ice forms on the coils in your fridge. But, the process of defrosting introduces heat into the space, increasing the fridge’s energy consumption. If not properly managed, this can waste energy and reduce the overall efficiency of your medical refrigerator. Variable defrost timing cycles manage the intervals between defrost and the duration of the defrost, optimizing thaw out and preventing energy waste. The features of our medical refrigerators make them an independent operating machine, freeing up more of your time so you can focus on vastly more important issues.

Additional Components

Many of our biomedical refrigerators come with the option of either full stainless steel doors or glass paneling. Glass front doors allow you to inspect the products inside without having to open the doors constantly, which could improve the life of your refrigerator.

Our refrigeration systems utilize a compression-based regulation mechanism. More specifically, they employ a continuous process where refrigerant liquid moves from a compressor to a condenser, to an evaporator. The compressor constricts the refrigerant, converting low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas which increases the overall temperature. Refrigerators that utilize the compressor-based cooling system are able to chill to lower temperatures, cool more consistently, and run more efficiently on battery power than other types of refrigerators. Medical fridge compressors are also able to maintain steady cold temperatures even with the constant opening and closing of the doors.


Benefits of Medical Refrigerators

Our products offer reliability and consistency—all things you should be looking for in a proper biomedical refrigerator.

Let’s first talk about the cost associated with a poor refrigeration system. An ineffectual product not only affects your ability to do your job, but the potency of the vaccines, medications, and biological samples they contain. When considering what equipment to use, keep in mind that it should meet all standards put forth by the CDC, which all of ours do. Moreover, promoting excellence in your products is likely to bleed over into your facilities’ efforts and motivate people to do their best. The reputation of your facility hinges upon a steady output of superior products—which also reflects the quality of the fridges that are storing your goods.

If you are looking to upgrade or add further medical refrigerators and freezers to your repertoire, our reasonably priced products will not put your facility in a financial bind. We believe that making products with integrity that are affordable will allow the quality of care to flourish, and ultimately benefit people in all walks of life.

Instilling confidence in our products is important, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty to fully replace any malfunctioning parts or failing compressors. While we believe our refrigerators are a key part of your success, human miscalculations do often lead to the mishandling of vaccines. But, with the proper merchandise and careful storage guidelines listed in the CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, we guarantee the safety of your laboratory and medical compounds. In the event of any brief loss of power, you’ll also want to prepare an emergency storage guide for the proper handling of your medicine and vaccines.


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