Frequently Asked Questions

Need to purchase quickly for shipment today?  Click on MY ACCOUNT, complete the information under personal information, and checkout with a credit card.  In-stock items will ship the next day.  


If you want to establish a Company Account and apply for credit, please call us at 800.218.7613 to configure your company account settings. You can also send your request for an account to and include a copy of your W9 and credit references.   


Once your account is established, you will have access to added features such as purchasing via purchase order, shared wish lists for faster approvals, consolidated purchasing records, and much more.   


Do you accept purchase orders? 

Yes, we do. But only for approved account holders.  


How do I get a quote? 

There are two easy ways to get a quote.  The quickest way to get a quote is to follow the instructions under the quote link at the top of the page.  You can also call us at 800-218-7613 and choose option 1. 


Do you charge tax? 

We will charge tax if K2 Scientific has physical or economic nexus in your state.  Nexus is simply a legal connection to your state.  Each state’s law varies relative to taxation for online purchasing.  We use Avalara, a third-party online tax expert who automatically calculates your state's tax as soon as we have met the legal requirement to collect in your state.   


If you are tax-exempt, you must provide your tax-exempt certificates for your taxes to be reimbursed. Click on the link in our header for information on the tax-exempt status and required actions.   


How long does shipping usually take?

We are located in Charlotte, NC, and ship via FedEx Freight

East Coast - 1-2 days

Midwest - 3-4 days

West Coast - 4-5 days

Canada - Call for quote and delivery time

Puerto Rico - Call for quote and delivery time

International - Call for quote and delivery time

If you are in a rural location, it may take an extra day for your product to arrive.

You can now choose or change your shipping method at the time of checkout. Dock-to-dock shipping can expedite your delivery time and is the least expensive method of delivery. Please note:  If you select dock-to-dock shipment, you must have room for an 18-wheel truck to enter and exit your property. Call us for all dock-to-dock delivery. You must also have a dock designed for delivery by a truck without a lift-gate.  If you select this method of shipment and the truck cannot successfully deliveryou will be charged extra for a return delivery by the lift-gate method. 

How much do you charge for shipping? 

We will include a real-time, estimated rate quote when you request a quote.  This rate is subject to change based on the timing of your purchase.  Shipping costs will populate at the time of your purchase and provide you with several service levels for your shipment.  If you have questions about the service levels, please call us for details.   


One benefit to white-glove service is that it makes the required inspection of your unit much easier as it is fully unpackaged at delivery.  If there is damage to your unit, you can refuse it at that time, speeding the replacement of your unit or the resolution of a credit to your account should you deem the damage to be cosmetic and acceptable – say a minor scratch on the back of the unit.  


Do you offer Premium or White Glove delivery? 

Yes. We can deliver your products via FedEx Freight Direct. A two-person team will move the unit to your desired installation location. The only remaining thing for you to do is plug the unit in, place the shelving, and allow it to cool for 24 hours for complete temperature stability. 


FedEx will email an appointment request to the email you provided in your shipping information. It is critical to confirm your two-hour delivery window with FedEx before the estimated delivery date. Failure to secure may delay your shipment up to three days. 


If you select white glove delivery and a two-person team does not arrive with your unit, please call us immediately. On rare occasions, driver shortages will create this circumstance, and although there may be a 24-hour delay, we can ensure the proper delivery when you call us. 

Receipt of Goods Policy

We thoroughly inspect your unit before it ships. Freight damage occurs infrequently, but it does happen. Please help us protect your investment by receiving your new unit(s) with attention to detail? 
Failure to inspect and document damage at the time of delivery can leave you liable for return shipping and repair costs. We want to make sure that doesn't happen.  
Be sure you or the assigned receiving party inspects this unit thoroughly before the freight company departs. We cannot file claims for freight damage if you do not identify and note the bill of lading - BOL (delivery paperwork) and ensure the delivery driver accepts and signs.   
Things to look for and note on the BOL:

  • A broken pallet may mean your unit has been dropped and can cause internal damage.
  • Tilt meters indicate the unit has not remained upright in transit or has experienced a high degree of impact during transit.
  • Box crushing, holes, or tears in the outer packaging. 

You have the right to refuse all or part of your shipment based on the damage that will ultimately mean you want or need a replacement unit.  
Refusing delivery, while inconvenient, will speed the process of your new unit arriving. If you are unsure if you should accept the unit, please call K2 Scientific at 800-218-7613, option 2, for assistance Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. You can also note the BOL that outer packaging is damaged, and you need to complete a full inspection. Remember, you must report any concealed damage within 48 business hours.  
Take photos of the damage, including packaging, and send a copy of the images and noted BOL to We will review and respond within 24 business hours.    
What if the carrier won't wait for me to inspect the freight?  Please note the bill of lading (BOL) with "driver refused to wait for inspection to be completed" and have them initial the BOL. You should then photograph any damage found and send the photos and any other description of malfunction to
What if my unit looks okay but is not functioning correctly once plugged in?  Call 800-218-7613, option 2, or engage with one of our technicians using our online chat feature.

What if I have warranty-related issues during the first 24 months of ownership?  Please email, chat with us online at, or call us at 800-218-7613, option 2, and we will be happy to assist you in filing a warranty claim.  
Please have your order number, company name, and the Model/SKU number handy when requesting service. Providing this information will help us assist you faster. 

Where can I find product specifications and manuals?

Each product page offers links to unit spec sheets and manuals. You can also find product manuals, spec sheets, user videos, and other product information on our RESOURCES page.

Are your products Energy Star rated?

Our High Performance models carry the Energy Star certification.

Can I get a calibration certificate?

Our Value Performance Line does not come with calibration certificates. The best option is to calibrate the unit based on a third-party data logger or thermal recorder. Our High Performance line comes with a calibration certificate stating that the unit has been tested at the factory to meet specifications. This may be suitable for calibration certificate requirements. Most states will require a field calibration test.  K2 sells NSIT calibrated data loggers to help you accomplish your field test.  The certificates are valid on the data loggers for two years from date of purchase.

Are your units VFC compliant?

Yes. All K2 refrigerators and freezers are compliant with Vaccines For Children specifications.

Do your products carry the Energy Star rating?

Almost all of K2's products carry the Energy Star rating. You can find our products on the Energy Star website and use their handy comparison tool to see how our units stack up to the competition. You'll see K2's performance is top of the line.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We accept purchase orders. If you need a formal quote for your PO you can request one online or send a request for quote to Email us the corresponding purchase order based on the quote to We will invoice you for the product(s). If you need a w-9 you can download a copy HERE. We may request a credit reference if you are a new client. You can find that HERE and send it along with your quote. It won’t delay the processing of your order by more than 72 business hours.

Does K2 drop ship or keep units in stock?

We keep hundreds of units in stock in our warehouse. Occasionally, we have units that are out of stock or on backorder. If you have an urgent need, please call to check availability.

Does K2 give discounts?

K2 offers immediate discounts for government/military, educational institutions, small rural and urban facilities. Reseller and volume discounts are available, please call for information.

Does K2 sell refurbished items?

Units receive shipping damage and are returned to us unused. Most have only cosmetic damage. We test the units for at least 72 hours and price them for resale. Refurbished units carry a 1-year replacement warranty. We will repair or replace the unit with another refurbished unit if it fails during the first 12 months of ownership. Prices for these units vary based on the damage to the unit.

Does K2 offer a referral program?

Yes. For information on the Referral Program please contact us.

How do I get a quote?

There are three ways to get a quote. You can get a quote by following the directions on the quote page. You can call us at 800-218-7613 or you can request a quote via our chat feature on our home page.

Do you charge tax?

We are an online store based in North Carolina. We charge tax on online or phone orders in states where we have reached NEXUS.

K2 Scientific Warranty Terms and Conditions
Two-year Limited Warranty



The following Value Performance Line products carry a 2-year, replacement warranty:  K202, K204, K210, K220, K20345, K20745, K21145, K205ULT, K210ULT, K221ULT, All Combination Units, K20345-C, K20745-C, and K21145-C. We will first attempt to diagnose and repair the unit. If a repair is not feasible, we will send a replacement unit at no charge to the customer.



The following High-Performance Line products carry a 2-year, replacement warranty PLUS a 5-year compressor warranty: K212, K225, K249, K272 as well as all of our new, recently FDA approved, blood bank production line.  We will first attempt to diagnose and repair the unit. If a repair is not feasible, we will send a replacement unit at no charge to the customer. If the compressor fails, we will ship a new Monoblock compressor system at no charge.



K2 Scientific appliances also carry a two-year parts and labor limited warranty. This warranty period begins on the original delivery date and includes replacing parts, or the entire unit if necessary and in K2 Scientific’s sole discretion, when problems arise due to defective workmanship or materials. It is the buyer's responsibility to maintain the appliance according to the operations manual. Keeping records of such maintenance helps ensure warranty repair claims. Any failure to properly maintain any appliance voids this warranty. 



This warranty does not cover the following:  

  • Appliances without original identifying manufacturer serial numbers.  

  • Appliances sold via a third party as a “used” product, without original sales receipts and original packaging.  

  • Appliances shipped outside of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

  • Commercial product inventory includes but is not limited to vaccines, reagents, tissue samples, breast milk, blood, plasma, industrial products, food, or any other payload, due to any refrigerator or freezer failure. K2 is not responsible for the contents held in storage. 

  • Appliances used in residential settings.  

  • Bills of Lading signed without inspection of freight and notation of damage.  

  • Cosmetic damage caused by shipment or installation and not reported within 24 hours of delivery. The original packaging should be maintained until the unit is entirely accepted and cleared for service in the environment to ensure safe return shipping in the event of a failure. A replacement kit for return shipping will incur an additional charge if the packaging is not retained during the start-up phase of installation.  

  • Unauthorized service calls.  

  • Unauthorized modification to the unit. 

  • Damage occurring during installation after BOL (Bills of Lading) has an acceptance signature. 

  • Appliance failure due to an electrical surge.  

  • Unauthorized reseller purchases.  

  • Damages or loss due to Acts of God 



K2 Scientific shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damage, including but not limited to property damage and incidental expenses, resulting from any breach of this written limited warranty or any implied warranty. Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.  


If You Need Service  

Please request a service ticket via our online CHAT feature. Call 800-218-7613, Please include your order number, model number, and appliance serial number to ensure prompt service.  




How do I go about getting my unit repaired or replaced?

First, follow any troubleshooting steps in the product manual. If those steps don't work, submit a service ticket using the chat link in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. You may also call K2 Scientific at 800-218-7613, option 2, and one of our customer service representatives can submit a ticket for you.

Before calling or submitting a ticket, locate your order number, model number, and unit serial number.

Clearly describe your issue — upload any documentation to your support ticket, i.e., photos, data logger reports showing temperature excursions, and technical diagnosis.

K2 Scientific's goal is to resolve all service tickets within 72 business hours. Most tickets can be resolved on the same day. 

We will offer phone support, can help you address issues via our support chat, or provide a technician at your location.  If those measures don't work, we will send a replacement unit.

I got a replacement unit. What do I do with the damaged unit?

Please contact K2 Scientific by emailing or call 800-218-7613, option 4, for return shipping instructions.  Be sure to provide your order number when calling.  You can also enter a ticket using our chat feature on the website.  

When receiving a replacement unit, you must maintain the packing materials. These materials will be used to return your old unit. You are responsible for packaging the unit for return. Our shipping team will send the strapping required to secure the unit to the pallet. If your facilities team cannot safely pack your old unit up for any reason, please call or email, and our team will arrange for repackaging services. There is an additional charge for that service. 

Returned Goods Policy 

It is our goal to ship each order accurately.  When mistakes happen, we will correct the problem in a timely manner.  Take a few minutes to review our policy to ensure our prompt service and your desired positive outcome.   

Please report any issues within two (2) business days of receipt.  Errors may include shipment of the wrong quantity or type of unit, failure to complete a scheduled pick-up, inability to deliver via the service level you requested, or concealed freight damage.  Late reporting may impact our ability to hold third-party shipping partners accountable for freight damage, leaving us without recourse. Inspecting at the time of delivery and reporting on time protects your investment. Please plan for proper receipt of goods.  


Please refer to the K2 Scientific’s Receipt of Goods Policy (Above) to ensure your shipping protection is not voided.  All deliveries require a dated signature by the delivery driver and your company’s receiving representative on the Bill of Lading.   

IMPORTANT: You must note any damage to the packaging and if the damage to the packaging is severe, you can either complete an inspection while the driver is still there, or you can note the bill of lading that a full inspection is pending due to concern of concealed damage. When damage to the packaging is severe, we recommend the refusal of the unit to help speed the replacement process and save you the repackaging effort.   

A signed, clean bill of lading removes any ability for K2 Scientific to hold the shipping partner responsible for the damage that occurs in transit and therefore voids your shipment protection and possibly the warranty replacement. Do not let your unit go uninspected. Concealed damage must be reported within two (2) business days. 

Note: Please make sure you have measured your doorways and space before placing your order to ensure proper fit and hassle-free delivery. Special handling instructions shall apply if a unit ships and will not fit through your doors upright. The customer is responsible for shipping charges or any special services required to complete a delivery or pick-up. If a unit must be laid down to be delivered, please notify K2 Scientific for special instructions. The unit must rest upright in the final location for a minimum of 24 hours to allow the refrigerant to settle back to proper positioning before the start-up.  


We accept returns within 30 days if it is the result of:

  1. The wrong item being shipped

  2. The item is defective.

You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of giving your package to the return shipper; however, you will receive a refund more quickly in many cases. This period includes the transit time for us to accept your return from the shipper (5 to 10 business days), the time it takes us to process your return once we receive it (3 to 5 business days), and the time it takes your bank to process our refund request (5 to 10 business days). If you need to return an item, please call or email with your order number and details about the product you would like to return.  We will respond promptly with instructions on how to return items from your order. 



If you have issued a Purchase Order, you must formally cancel in writing before shipment if you need to cancel your order.  Your order is 100% refundable until the unit ships if you have purchased via credit card. You must have written acknowledgment from K2 Scientific indicating your cancellation has been received for credits to apply.  Credit amounts apply once the order has shipped, as shown below in the Credit Amount section.  You must have written acknowledgment from K2 Scientific indicating your cancellation has been received for credits to apply.   


The merchantable condition will be determined by the ability to return the item to its inventory for resale in the ordinary course of business without special preparation, testing, handling, or expense. Additionally, the customer may be asked to complete the applicable written certifications specified on the Distributor’s Ongoing Assurance (OGA) form for each returned product.  
The following represent non-returnable items:  

  • Any item used or opened is only partially complete, stickered, marked, damaged, defaced, or is without all original packaging, labeling, package inserts, or operating manuals.
  • Products purchased from other wholesalers or other sources.
  • Any item purchased on a “special order” basis, including non-stock orders, drop shipments and, specific items with pre-paid deposits. 
  • Any order stated as canceled that does not have written confirmation of receipt of cancellation by K2 Scientific. 

Note: Product returned under a voluntary or involuntary manufacturer recall may have different requirements. In the case of a recall, the Distributor will document any changes to policy specific to that product.  

The following represent items that are non-returnable: 

  • Any item which has been used, or opened, is only partially complete, stickered, marked, damaged, defaced, or is without all original packaging, labeling, package inserts, or operating manuals.
  • Product purchased from other wholesalers, or other sources.
  • Any item purchased on a “special order” basis, including non-stock orders, drop shipments and, certain items with pre-paid deposits.
  • Any order stated as canceled that does not have written confirmation of receipt of cancellation by K2 Scientific.

Note: Product returned pursuant to a voluntary or involuntary Manufacturer Recall may have different requirements. In the case of a recall, the Distributor will document any changes to policy specific to that product. 


Credit for authorized returns will be issued upon receipt of product and verification of return eligibility. The type of return determines the credit amount to be given. Shipping charges shall apply for any return not related to warranty or documented shipping damage.  Restocking fees will apply as follows:  

  • Authorized Saleable, with the original packaging intact including pallet and attached strapping:  100% of the purchase price if returned within ten (10) days from the date of return shipment document receipt.    
  • Authorized Saleable, repackaged by the customer or at customer expense by K2 Scientific:  75% of the purchase price, pending unit inspection upon return. Item must be returned within ten (10) days of delivery.   
  • Authorized Return Expired:  65% of the purchase price if received at the K2 Scientific Warehouse within thirty (30) days of receipt or return shipping documents. 
  • Unauthorized Return:  No credit shall be issued.  No credit shall be for goods returned thirty (30) days after the original delivery date.   

Any credit due shall be issued after an inspection by the K2 Scientific, technical team.  The inspection shall occur within five (5) business days of the return reaching the K2 Scientific warehouse.   If reported and documented concerns cannot be validated upon inspection, charges may apply.    


Is your order still awaiting shipment? Individual orders that do not require a deposit on order are fully cancelable up until the time of shipment.  If your unit has not shipped yet, please request a cancellation, not a return.  Written cancellation with confirmation from K2 Scientific is required to ensure your unit does not ship and that you will not be held responsible for return fees.  Please call K2 Scientific at 800-218-7613 for assistance with your cancellation.  Email your cancellation request to 


  1. Log in to your account on the K2 Scientific Website.
  2. Click “My Orders” on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click “View Order.”  Orders are listed by order number.  Be sure to select the correct order for the return.
  4. Click “Return” and enter details for the return
  5. Click “Add Item to Return.”
  6. Click “My Return” in the left-hand menu to view the status of your return.  

How do I cancel an order?

You may cancel your order any time before shipment. Once a unit ships, please follow the steps for a return. Cancelation is not permitted after shipment. The customer shall be responsible for all shipping charges related to returns if you choose to cancel an order after a shipment has been booked. A shipment is considered booked once documentation is complete and a tracking number has been generated.  


Specialbulk, and orders requiring a deposit may not be canceled for a full refund. Restocking fees and all associated freight charges shall apply. 

What personal information do we collect from the people that visit our blog, website, or app?

When ordering or registering on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card information, Company Name, or other details to help you with your experience.

When do we collect information?

We collect information from you when you register on our site, place an order, fill out a form, Use Live Chat or enter information on our site.

How do we use your information?

We may use the information we collect from you when you register, make a purchase, sign up for our newsletter, respond to a survey or marketing communication, surf the website, or use certain other site features in the following ways:

  • To personalize your experience and to allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings in which you are most interested.
  • To allow us to better service you in responding to your customer service requests.
  • To follow up with them after correspondence (live chat, email, or phone inquiries)

How does our site handle Do Not Track signals?

We honor Do Not Track signals and Do Not Track, plant cookies, or use advertising when a Do Not Track (DNT) browser mechanism is in place.

Does the K2 site allow third-party behavioral tracking?

We allow third-party behavioral tracking.

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